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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  September 25, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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show wipeout, and yo beganba beganba. >> oh, gear. wasn't us. thanks for invite o'clock us into your home. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. >> shep: this is the fox report. tonight political football. politicians on both sides of the aisle weighing in on the nfl's replacement refs. the presidential nominees lay out their vision for america's role in the world. >> a lot of americans, including myself, are troubled by developments in the middle east. we somehow feel that we're at the mercy of events rather than shaping events. >> just as we can not solve every problem in the world, the united states has not and will not seek to dictate the outcome of democratic transitions
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abroad. >> shep: the presidential nominees delivering high profile speeches about the challenges the world faces. >> syria witnessed the killing of tens of honests of people. >> the attacks on the civilians in benghazi were attacks on america. >> iran is moving toward nuclear weapons capability. >> we face a choice between the forces that will drive us apart and the hopes that we hold in common. >> shep: tonight president obama and governor romney on where america stands. that's first from fox this tuesday night. the leader of the free world and the man who wants his job delivered big speeches today. this morning governor mitt romney addressed the crowd at the clinton global initiative here in new york city. while just across town at the united nations, president obama spoke before the united nations general assembly. it was his final u.n. address of this term. and the problems in and around the middle east dominated both speeches as the president and governor romney addressed
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everything from iran's nuclear program to the attack that killed our ambassador in libya. ed henry is our chief white house correspondent and toking president obama. both men really duking it out on foreign policy all of a sudden. >> that's right. one city, two candidates and two different visions. it's clear that mitt romney is charging that the president is sitting on the side line, not active enough in the middle east. the president, as you noted, his suggestion is look, you can't dictate the facts on the ground in the middle east. some of this has to play out. where we see that most acutely is on iran where mitt romney is suggesting we should be more aggressive, maybe use military action. the president today said give sanctions some more time to work. although he added this caveat. >> that's why a coalition of countries is holding their iranian government accountable. that's why the united states will do what we must to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. >> do what we must suggests possible military action down the road. today iran tried to flex its military muscles by saying it has a new drone that can travel
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what's significant? about that means it can reach israel. that's why a lot of people were pressuring the president to meet with netanyahu. he won't do that, but senator clinton will. >> shep: they're still pressuring the president. john barrasso saying there was a cover-up on benghazi. other republicans are not going that far. but they are still putting pressure on this white house by suggesting the president is not showing enough leadership. take a listen. >> the president has demonstrated that there really isn't a central rudder, full, to our foreign policy coming out of the white house. and i think most americans are looking at it want to go see more leadership, want to go see america lead again. >> tonight republican senator john mccain and two of his gop colleagues fired off a tough letter to ambassador susan rice demanding to know why she gave different answers from other officials about whether or not this was a spontaneous attack, a
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terrorist attack. the bottom line, the white house is insisting this charge of a cover-up is not true. >> shep: if any of this is getting to the white house or any of his campaign team, you can't tell it. >> you can't tell from the president. he was calm in new york, even after he finished up his u.n. speech. he ran into a security guard whom he amendment so to recognize from a previous visit and they were joking about nfl football. take a listen. >> the president saying you're still rooting for the jets. by the way, they did not talk about that replacement ref issue there. but white house spokesman jay carney says the president did see some of the game. he's upset just like a lot of other americans about it. he wants to see the new refs -- the old refs come back and get the replacements out. >> shep: too bad he can't have a presidential decree. >> presidential order. >> shep: thanks. we heard much more from the united nations today.
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wow. what a day it was. the president of pakistan, our ally, remember, had some very harsh words for the makers of that anti-islamic film that's gone viral. that's going to be our top story coming up at the bottom of the hour. first, here after speaking here in new york city, governor romney headed to ohio to kick off a bus tour of that crucial battle ground state. his running mate, paul ryan, along for the ride, and so is campaign carl cameron live in van dale i can't, ohio. just up the road a bit. you just interviewed the two candidates. they're going after the president on foreign policy, right? >> they are. both mitt romney and paul ryan are making the case that the president has been unclear, lacks transparency, and seems to be reluctant to refer to the attacks in libya as terrorism. they further distance themselves, they didn't actually buy into senator john barrasso's assertion that it's a cover-up, but they're clearly upset to see they see the whole thing as further illustration of the
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president's inannual to assert the u.s. leadership and strength clearly around the world. watch. >> the white house and the president are continuing not to admit what their own admission is saying and i think it's pretty clear that they haven't wanted to level with the american people. look, we expect candor from the president and transparency. and he continues to refuse to acknowledge what is said by the other members of the administration. this was a terrorist attack. we were attacked apparently by al-qaeda and it's a very troubling development. >> this is part of the story of when we project weakness overseas by gutting the military, with the president's devastating defense cuts, by equivocating when you speak overseas about these issues, it projects weakness. when america projects weakness, our adversaries are more willing to test us. they have more incentive to attack us and our allies are less willing to trust us. >> republicans have been clamoring for more paul ryan on the campaign trail. romney and ryan campaigning together an illustration of that, although it's just for
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today. romney will continue campaigning in ohio tomorrow. but ryan will go elsewhere. standing in for mr. ryan, campaigning alongside romney tomorrow, the golden bear, ohio native and golf giant jack nicholas tomorrow. >> shep: polls are showing that governor remain knee is trailing in ohio and other battle ground states. what's the plan? >> well, jack nicholas couldn't hurt. but obviously the romney campaign recognizes that ohio really is their must win state. to that end today, the romney campaign's political director and their on-line internet director both came and talked to reporters today and made the argument that public polls are inaccurate. they think democrats are sampled too big and it's skewing the numbers and in some numbers the republican numbers have been down. they argue their own internal data is what's actual and true and they say what they see is it's going to be a dead even tie to the wire, exactly six weeks from tonight's on election day. they believe that's the same case across the country. although they won't show us their numbers, shep.
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so take their word for it. >> shep: you asked them about harry reid's comment that governor romney sullies their faith, the mormon faith. what was that about? >> the senate democratic majority leader is a mormon and today he went and suggested essentially that mitt romney's commentary on the campaign trail, has campaign rhetoric, candidacy is an insult and sullies the mormon church. i asked romney about it today. he didn't take the bait. he wasn't going to talk about it. he said this is not about harry reid. this is not about their faith. this is about barak obama's record and how to fix the country and fix the world and he wasn't going to buy into it. paul ryan, on the other hand, did say that the nation has come to expect these sort of, quote, overthe top comments from mr. reid and they weren't going to dignify it with anything worse than that. it is by far away from reid the toughest thing yesterday. he said romney hadn't paid taxes
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and disproven. this assertion is in the republican view, a new low. shep. >> shep: carl cameron in ohio, not far from dayton. thank you. twitter blew up last night after the nfl's replacement ref got at it again. wait until you hear how much last night's call cost gamblers. >> i never seen anything like that in all my years of football. >> shep: another crazy call that cost one team the game. ahead, the decision that infuriated players and coaches and a whole lot of packers fans and what officials said about it today. plus, truck stopped. a collision caught on camera that sent one driver flying onto the road. that's coming up [ laughing ] [ laughing ]
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>> shep: enough already. that's the sentiment from just about anybody you talk to who watched last night's nfl replacement referee disaster. now some die hard fans claim they are ready to boycott the
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upcoming games until the league makes a deal to end the labor dispute with the real referees. last play of the 12-7 game in seattle, seahawks quarterback wilson tossed up a hail mary. look at this. green bay packers defender appeared to intercept the ball to some. one official ruled it an interception. the other a touchdown. it looked like the receiver actually had more of the ball, you know that rule. after the discussion, the refs did give the catch and touchdown to seattle. that decide the game and packers fans were livid. >> i will stop watching until envelope until they get the real refs back. doesn't matter what happened before the game, what happened during the game. this play, that play, he end result is when we won with an interception. >> if you listen to any of the sports radio today, you know that guy is far from alone. analysts say the nfl is playing russian roulette. cheapening the game, potentially putting players at risk all in the name of some money. and speaking of money, the final call in last night's game
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reportedly cost gamblers $150 million. trace gallagher live in los angeles. these referees may have cost some other teams games as well. >> the seattle game was the last straw. if you look around the league, there were so many other mistakes. for example, the 49ers head coach was given two challenges even though he had no time outs. clearly against the rule. and look at this. normally coaches when they're challenges about a third of the time. 33%, right? this weekend, there were 20 challenges and 16 were overturned, which means the referees were wrong 80% of the time. normally, home teams win about a little more than half, 52%. this year, 65% and some believe that's because the referees are being intimidated by the home team. but the locked out referees we spoke to them today and they say it's nice to be missed. listen. >> there is a problem with the games right now and they're getting an understanding of how effectively they were officiated
4:15 pm
before. so it's kind of nice -- the only winning part of this for us is i think people have a better understanding of how difficult our job was and not just anybody can do it. >> did you know there is a lady's lingerie league, football league and some of the replacement referees that are doing the nfl games actually were fired from that league as well. >> shep: fired for imcompetence. that's unbelievable. what's the latest on negotiations? >> well, they were back negotiating for a fourth straight day. now there is a federal mediator involved. the big sticking point continues. they want to get away from pensions and give them 401(k)s. they want to hire more referees so that if there is some bad performing referee, they can bench them for the week. so far, the commissioner, that man on the left, is standing firm, but he's definitely on the hot seat. listen. >> goodell's legacy is that everyone thought the way he
4:16 pm
handled the players' strike last year and the owners got their way, that was really beneficial to the owners. but going to be his lasting legacy. who knew that this strike and lockout with the referees might be the one that stands his legacy. >> apparently negotiations begin tomorrow morning in new york. even if they come to some terms tomorrow or the next day, it could be a few days, maybe a week before they get the real referees back on the field, shep. >> shep: trace gallagher in los angeles. i mentioned that play last night, it blew up on twitter. the site reports that the botched call prompted more than a million tweets. hall of fame quarterback terrorist attack among them. these games are a joke. seth myers suggested that, quote, until the regular referees come back issues they should just decide the games based on the opening coin flip. lawmakers from the packers home state of wisconsin were especially perturbed. state senator posted the nfl commissioner's phone number on-line. and governor scott walker tweeted that after catching a few hours of sleep, the packers
4:17 pm
game is still just as painful. he included the hash tag return the real refs. remember, the governor pushed for a law effectively ending collective bargaining in his state. a spokesman says that the tweet was not meant as a pro-union political statement. meanwhile, we heard from paul ryan, also from wisconsin. listen. >> you guys watch that packer game last night? i mean, give me a break. it is time to get the real refs. >> shep: the president himself weighed in on twitter saying, and i quote, nfl pans on both sides of the aisle, hope the refs lockout is settled soon. the iranians claim their missile the can sink a warship in less than a minute. we'll have reaction from the pentagon as iran puts those weapons to the test. plus, militants in libya reportedly say the government is treating them like prisoners at guantanamo bay. we're live in libya as the army works to break up the militias
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>> shep: north korea may be getting ready to test more rockets. that's what that the experts are telling us after seeing a new satellite video. they say this image shows construction of what may be a new control center of some kind much but they also say north korea stopped work on a launch pad for long-range intercontinental rockets. they say that may be because of heavy rains which could delay construction by as much as two years. iran reportedly test fired missiles that can sink a warship in 50 seconds. not far from where the united states navy is conducting military drills right now. the iranians claim they fired four missiles near the strait of
4:22 pm
hormuz. iran threatened to shut down that strait which is a shipping lane for one fifth of the world's crude oil. >> i would city peel to all parties in the region -- appeal to all parties to not engage in provocative areas. >> shep: the iranians are showing off what they claim is a new spy drone. as ed henry reported, military leaders say it has a range of more than 1100 miles, so it could reach israel. analysts say it sounds like iran has copied a u.s. drone that reportedly went down there last year. the deadline has passed for libyan militias to team up with the country's army or disband all together. but many militias say this new agreement will not hold. one reason, the fighters reportedly say they're convinced that some current leaders of the libyan army were loyal to the murdered dictator, moammar gadhafi, and part of the same regime that militant groups tried to overthrow. in fact, one militia commander told cbs news, and i quote, it's like suddenly asking the inmates
4:23 pm
of guantanamo bay to cooperate with their guards. this new ultimatum from libya's government comes after the massive anti-militia protests which got underway last week. remember libyan authorities have linked at least one of these militia groups to the attack of the u.s. con late earlier this month. the attack that killed four americans, including u.s. ambassador to libya. greg palkot is in tripoli tonight. greg? >> shep, there was shooting in tripoli on tuesday outside the country's congress hall. turns out the militants were protest examining were firing widely. a sign of how volatile this place is, how armed this place is. went to another compound where the militias were driven out by the libyan security forces. officials tell us the crackdown is going well, apparently the deadline is slipping. amid more complaints from fighters, there are more concerns that under all the turmoil, weapons could be going into the wrong hands. top militia commander in
4:24 pm
benghazi says a large number of shoulder fired missiles, those are the kind of terrorists like, are taken from this base and could during the recent protests. meanwhile, at exactly this moment, two weeks ago, ambassador stevens was in a hospital in benghazi, a doctor was trying to save his life in vain. this after militants ransacked and attacked the consulate compound. at this moment now, we're getting no clear indication of where the probe is going, either on the libyan side or the u.s. side into those killings. just new confirmation of at least one concern, that the suspects might be getting away. a commander in benghazi is quoted on tuesday as saying, his militia was set to stage a raid on the ansar al-shariah base in that city. that's the group linked to the killing of ambassador stevens. will the crack down happen?
4:25 pm
members left, the raid was called off. >> shep: greg palkot live in tripoli. pakistan's president is calling for the united nations to make insulting prophet mohammed a crime. this comes hours after president obama spoke from the same stage and defended freedom of speech in a big way. coming up, what our ally had to say about those anti-american riots. plus, cars that drive themselves, you may know they already exist. now we may soon be seeing a lot more of these robo cars on the road. imagine, the car next to you on the interstate driving itself. that's next as we approach the bottom of the hour and fox top story with the spark cash card from capital one, sven's home security gets the most rewards of any small business credit card! how does this thinwork? oh, i like it! [ garth ] sven's small business earns 2% casback on every purche, every day! woo-hoo!!! so that ten security gators, right? put them on my spark card! why settle for less? testing hot tar... great businesses deserve the most rewards!
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>> shep: did you ever have shoes without shoe strings? how about a car without a driver? another state says okay, go ahead. california's governor jerry brown approved legislation that establishes safety regulations for self-driving cars. nevada and florida have already -- florida, that's all they need. nevada and florida passed similar laws. today governor brown signed his state's bill outside san francisco. google has been developing its own fleet of cars that use sensors and global positioning to drive themselves. supporters of the vehicles say studies show nearly all car crashes are the result of human error. a truck lost its driver in a violent crash, but somehow that guy survived. look at this. the driver flew right out the front window and landed on his
4:30 pm
feet. a near perfect dismount. 9.8. here is another angle in slow motion. somebody's dashboard camera caught it on a highway in russia. you can see one big rig turning left and all of a sudden, oncoming semi plows right into it. the driver seems to hop through the windshield. not hurt at all. the video has gone viral. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for fox top story. the crisis in syria triggering outrage at the united nations and calls for military action. today the u.n. secretary general says the dead levi less than could have global consequences and world leaders cannot look the other way as the bloodshed intensifies. the leader of the arab nation of qatar appeared to go one step further. >> i did get it's better for the arab countries themselves to interfere and if they're national, humanitarian, political and military duty.
4:31 pm
do what is necessary to stop the bloodshed in syria. >> shep: president obama did not mention military action in his speech, but he did say the united states stands with syrians who support and a transition to democracy. activists say more than 27,000 people have died in the syrian uprising which began more than a year ago. fox news can't confirm the numbers. we've just heard from the president of pakistan who had some tough words about the controversial anti-islamic film. fox report chief correspondent jonathan hunt is working the u.n. tonight and it does not sound like our ally in this case, ally, in quotes, is really on the same page with us. >> in fact, shep, it was a quite extraordinary opening to the remarks by the pakinstani president, speaking from the same podium where just hours earlier, president obama had exhorted world leaders to roundly condemn the anti-american violence that has recently swept much of the
4:32 pm
muslim world. the pakinstani president did no such thing and, in fact, called on the united nations to take the lead to make it illegal for anyone anywhere, including right here in the united states, to blaspheme the prophet mohammed. listen. >> although we can never condone violence, the international communities must not become silent observers and should criminalize such acts that destroy the peace of the world and endanger the world security by misusing freedom of expression. >> those remarks likely to raise a lot of eyebrows at the state department and the white house going exactly against what president obama had asked world leaders to do, just a few hours earlier, shep. >> shep: the secretary general really turning up the heat on syria, it appears. >> yeah. u.n. secretary general made
4:33 pm
syria one of the center piece of his opening statement here at the united nations general assembly today. he called it a regional calamity with global ramification, saying the violence in syria was already spilling beyond its borders and endangering international peace and security. listen to this. >> we must stop the violence and force of arms to quarter size and set in motion a syria-led transition as soon as possible. >> obviously stopping the violence and setting in motion that transition needs the support at the u.n. of russia and china. and the secretary general failed to mention either of those countries by name. that in itself is unlikely to increase the pressure on those two nations to fall in line with the rest of the international community, shep. >> shep: jonathan hunt, thanks again. the deadly assault on the united states consulate in libya is now putting the united states
4:34 pm
military prison at guantanamo bay back in the spotlight. the reason? the prime suspect in that attack, the attack that killed the ambassador, chris stevens and others, is a former gitmo detainee. the government released him in 2007. in fact, intelligence sources tell fox news as many as one in three detainees returns to the battlefield after the united states frees him from guantanamo bay. many reportedly in leadership roles. just this past friday, the feds approved the transfer of 55 more. cath rip herrage in d.c has dit know become a -- gitmo become a grad school for terrorists. it sounds like it? >> officials say time at gitmo can be like a badge of mondayor, giving them a rock star status once they're out. the libyan, along with his group ansar al-shariah are the lead expects in the attack in benghazi. the saudi, a gitmo grad, is the deputy leader in yemen. the defense department down
4:35 pm
playing the guantanamo bay effect. >> i think it's probably safe to say that some of them probably do acquire some degree of status, but i'm not sure that it's widespread. >> the deputy for the leader of the taliban is also a former guantanamo bay detainee chosen because he's relatively young and a hardened fighter, a federal law enforcement source tells fox that there is real concern that some detainees recommit to their cause at gitmo and when they leave, they have a new understanding of the way the american military works, shep. >> shep: high ranking republican lawmakers are really publicly questioning the administration's response to this bombing. >> they are, shep. this letter to ambassador rice first obtained by fox news, three republican senators on the armed services committee calling the u.s. representative to the u.n. on the carpet because five days after the benghazi attack that killed four, the intelligence showed the use of mortars, rpg's and two ways to
4:36 pm
the assault. they said it was terrorism and went down on the 9-11 anniversary. quote, you repeatedly asserted the implausible explanation that the attack in benghazi was a spontaneous reaction to the video despite growing evidence to the contrary, cite ago fledgling investigation, the administration has said it provided the best information it had at the time. shep. >> shep: katherine, thank you. some of the biggest retailers in our nation now say they are about to go on a hiring spree. where do you remember send your applications? we'll show you next. plus, the zombie apocalypse may be the subject of science fiction or some kind of fiction, but these undead bees are very real. zombie bees just ahead.
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>> shep: number of the nation's largest retailers have just announced plans to hire tens of thousands of employees temporary
4:40 pm
employees for the upcoming holiday season. will it help the question and how many of those jobs will become permanent? the wal-mart reporting and expects to hire 50,000 people. toys r us, 45,000. kohl's, 52,000 seasonal employees. slightly more than each company hired last year, which is obviously good. the problem is, the holiday hiring is below prerecession levels. they say it's better than last year shows there has been at least some economic growth. rich edson is live. how close are we to prerecession levels? >> one report says we're getting closer this season. consulting firm challenger gray and christmas expects holiday hiring this year to approach 700,000. better than the 660,000 workers retailers hired last season. less than 650,000 the holiday season before. and approaching the 722,000 hired on average the years leading up to the recession. it all depends on how much americans are willing to spend.
4:41 pm
>> shep: i can't believe we're already talking about the holidays. what's the thinking on how much we'll spend this year? >> we always seem to find a way, especially around the holidays. retailers have just reported solid back to school sales and this morning, a key index measuring consumer confidence hit a 7 month high, though it is still below levels showing a healthy economy. these measures of how consumers feel fluctuated all over this year and we still have a few weeks to go before those thanksgiving door busters kick off the holiday shopping stores. are they optimistic? >> still plenty out there that could slow the economy in general, hiring is still sluggish, so is the global economy. higher gas prices could also eat into retailer profits and more americans spend getting to the stores and everywhere else, the less they have for the holidays. >> shep: rich in washington, thanks. home prices jumped in july for the sixth straight month. that's according to two different reports. analysts say it's another sign that the housing market is indeed bouncing back and could
4:42 pm
help boost the rest of the economy. some of the most popular medicare drug plans are raising premiums next year and it could affect millions of seniors according to a new report that analyzes the industry and found seven of the top ten plans are upping premiums between 11 and 23%. still people on the single most popular plan aarp medicare rx preferred will have only to pay 57 cents more per month. not horrible. the report suggests the market is driving up prices, not the health care overhaul. the company that released this report urges seniors to shop around for a better deal. looks like it's become to square one for lots of folks who took a hit from hurricane katrina. a federal appeals court in new orleans has reversed its own decision that had blamed the army corps of engineers for the city's catastrophic flooding after the hurricane. now they reverse it. more than 400 property owners filed lawsuits since the 2005 storm. many of them blame the corp. for
4:43 pm
fail to go properly protect the city. as you'll recall, when the levee s failed, swamp waters killed nearly 2,000 people and caused billions of dollars in daniel. in 09, a judge ruled the corp. of engineers could be held liable for the property damage. now a three-judge pam decided that conclude conclude panel decided that under the law on suing government agency, get this, the army corps of engineers is immune to liability. four people are hurt, two serious lea when a rock slide at the scenic coast line. it tops our news around the world in 80 seconds. italy. rocks fell onto a group of australian tourists hike ago cliff side path. rescuers formed a human chain to pull one woman to safety. crews air lifted another victim to the hospital. china. state media report at least 20 miners died in the northwest after a cart lifting them to the
4:44 pm
surface plunged some 700 feet into a pit. authorities say the cart was designed to hold ten people, but was carrying 34 miners when a steel cable snapped. china's coal mining industry reportedly the world's deadliest. india. monsoonal rains triggered flash floods, landslides in the northeast. at least 30 people have died in the last three days. officials opened nearly 100 shelters for displaced village ers. high water also forced authorities to move prisoners from one jail to another. colombia. more than 1,000 species of orchids on display in the capitol city of bogota. it's part of the 11th an exhibit to showcase the flower and raise awareness of endangered orchid species. officials say the country's cocaine trade threatened some types of orchids. that's a wrap on this fox trip
4:45 pm
around the world in 80 seconds. now we know orchids do coke and here are the zombie bees. they may be on the loose in washington state, according to some university biologists. yes, zombie bees. they say an amateur bee keeper found dead honey bees in front of his shop near seattle a few weeks ago, dead, gone, over. at least until he noticed some of them were living and strangely like they were drunk acting. so the guy called the experts who say the tiny flies probably infected the bees. >> they have a structure like a hyper determinic needle they can use to insert it into the bee. they hatch maggots on the inside. >> shep: biologists say this is the first confirmed case of zombie bees in washington state. despite the ominous names, scientists say they're not dangerous to humans. oh, well. you can now get a look at albert einstein's brain for less than $10. new ipad app features images
4:46 pm
taken after he died in 1955. the doctor who did the autopsy made more than 300 slides from slices of his brain. recently folks from a medical museum in chicago helped make the slides digital. officials say proceeds from the download also go to scientific museums. china's unveiling its first aircraft carrier. a major step toward building up its force at sea. hear how u.s. defense officials are responding to that next. plus the new report that claims the most dangerous part of air travel is not in the air. but while you are still on the ground. it's not even about the weight on the tarmac. the details ahead on fox report oh, hey alex. just picking up some, brochures, posters copies of my acceptance speech. great! it's always good to have a backup plan, in case i get hit by a meteor. wow, your hair looks great. didn't realize they did photoshop here. hey, good call on those mugs. can't let 'em see what you're drinking. you know, i'm glad we're both running a nice, clean race.
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[ male announcer ] fedex office. >> shep: china put into service its very first aircraft carrier. the thing is 1,000 feet long and the former soviet navy used to
4:50 pm
own it. the chinese spent years knocking it back into shape, but it's not yet ready for combat. still it's evidence of china's naval build-up that could represent a challenge to america's dominance at sea. adam housley is live at naval base san diego this afternoon. how is the department of defense responding to this military move from china? >> basically the repositioning american forces, they call it a pivot, some of the brass called it that. for example, marines leaving afghanistan are coming back here maybe deploying in the philippines and a majority of ships are now located in the pacific. when you talk to military leaders, they'll tell you it's all about keeping the united states powerful in the pacific. >> it's important not just militarily, it's important economically, it's important for the future of the world because so much is happening in the pacific rim region. and it behooves all of us to not just follow it, to be an active part of it. >> this is all going on as cuts may be coming down the military path soon as well.
4:51 pm
>> shep: what about allies in the region, our allies, how are they handling this? >> they're getting more involved with this. they're taking part in more exercises. our major allies are having more u.s. involvement. now some of the smaller one, think countries you never heard about before when it came to u.s. military, they're asking for more. singapore will have 20 u.s. ship there is by the end of this year. >> shep: adam, thanks. from the scenes to the skies and were it the most dangerous part of flying could be while the plane is still on the ground. according to the feds, an airplane or vehicle accidentsally enters an active runway three times every single day on average. in fact, it's happened more than 1,000 times this year. the figures first appeared in the "new york times." according to the government, the stats haven't changed in years and years, even though there are many fewer flights now. the times reporting suggests in some cases, the only thing that kept planes from crashing is
4:52 pm
shear luck. one aviation expert predicts the problem will get worse. he stopped by earlier today. >> the problem is we don't have accountability of the faa to fix it and until we get accountability and also get the airlines to start demanding it, we're going to have incidents like you saw in the "new york times." >> shep: federal aviation officials say they have taken steps to improve runway safety. they say more changes are coming, but that could be years away. here is a news flash, the government reports that we can expect more fees when we fly as mergers leave flyers with fewer travel option. gee, really consolidation? makes it more expensive? in the past decade, bankruptcies and mergers have cut the number of major airlines in half and now there are just five of them. if u.s. airways and american merge, which looks likely, it would leave four. according it a report from the department of transportation, less competition has led airlines to cut flights to many smaller cities and it warns airlines will add even more fees
4:53 pm
as they struggle with the high cost of fuel. a singer from south korea has hit it big with his gangnam style music video. quarter billion views and counting on youtube. a quarter billion. now all of that success is rubbing off on his father's software company. you'll see how a pop star made millions for his dad by riding an invisible horse on the interwebs. oh, you're not that old. hang on [♪...] >> announcer: with nothing but his computer, an identity thief is able to use your information to open a bank account in order to make your money his money. [whoosh, clang] you need lifelock, the only identity theft protection company that now monitors bank accounts for takeover fraud. lifelock: relentlessly protecting your identity. call 1-800-lifelock or
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♪ something to me ♪ that nobody else could do >> during the commercial break, there has just been an earthquake in mexico's baha peninsula, south of california. a 6.3 magnitude quake. we don't have any -- again, this just happened seconds ago. we want to do give you a heads up. we'll be covering it throughout the night should there be anything to report from this. we'll have it for you during prime time programming throughout the evening. first, madonna. she gavotte quite an endorsement
4:57 pm
for the president last night during a concert in d.c the 54-year-old pop star called president abraham lincoln a prophet before giving an expletive laced and sexually inaccurate endorsement of the commander in chief. >> don't better (bleep) obama, okay? >> the president is a christian and madonna, well, madonna is madonna of the the south korean rapper behind that new gangnam style, you know him? it's said he cried this disbelief when it hit thed char. ♪ >> not a chance. the rapper's site says the success of the song is so
4:58 pm
unreal, he wonders if he's being tricked into believing it. guiness world records reports the song is the most liked video on youtube with nearly 2.8 million likes. the song is right now number 11 on the billboard hot 100. and the value of his dad's technology company has doubled in value on the south korean stock market since july. updating some of fox's top stories, the national football league standing by what could be the worst call football fans have ever seen comes after replacement refs robbed the green bay packers of a last second touchdown. as iphone sales soar, so does crime. police in new york city say they haves of apple products are up 40% over last year. apple reports selling more than 5 million new iphone 5's since its rollout last week. many of the owners are lost. and dow slid all day close closing down more than 100 points by the ends.
4:59 pm
investors apparently concerned over spain's latest money mess increasing the cost of borrowing in that country. on this day in 1983, dozens of irish republican army prisoners escaped in what's still the largest jail break in the history of great britain. happened in northern ireland infamous maze prison outside of belfast. look at that thing. it's where the british military locked up convicted ira militants. for years, just about everybody involved considered the place escape proof. but some prisoners got ahold of a few smuggled guns, then they overpowered a number of guards. they smashed through some gates and did get away. within 24 hours, police recaptured nearly half of them. they were reportedly found some in a river, breathing through reeds. others got across the border into ireland and several did get away for good. but inmates broke out of the maze 29 years


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